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Using Your Audience To Help Your Presentation

Your presentations (and how you feel about them) can be enhanced by getting non verbal feedback from your audience. In this podcast I discuss how to do this as well as how to ensure you look as though you are talking to everyone in the audience without actually focusing on any one particular face.

Additional notes are available by clicking here.


Developing Your Own Presentation Style

As you begin to gain more developed presentation skills, you will start to recognise your own presentation style. This is an important step in being a confident public speaker or presenter. How do you know what is the right presentation style for you? This week I talk about the method I use and, as always, you can read the notes by clicking here.

Why Should You Learn From Others?

What is the best way to learn about public speaking?  In my experience, most people learn best by observing others and recognising the best qualities…….and sometimes the worst ones as well!

Listen to this short podcast to hear how I recommend you learn from others so you can have awesome presentations. If you would prefer to read the information, click here.


Preparation and Practice

In this podcast I cover the basics of getting prepared for a speech or presentation.


How long are you expected to speak?

What is the point I want to make with this speech?

Who and what is this speech for?

Just like an expert in any field, to be good at talking in public you need to practice. Some of us have skills that can be fine tuned and others avoid any opportunity to talk in public as we believe we “just can’t do it”.

Practice doesn’t have to be for a particular occasion. If you spend a bit of time in the car or on public transport, let a practice talk run through your head. You will find you get much better at putting your thoughts into a logical sequence if you are doing it every day – just like getting dressed.



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