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Who Is Your Audience?

Thinking about that audience for your speech…..

Today we will have a quick look at the reasons for thinking about your audience when you are preparing to speak in public. At the same time you are thinking about the length of your talk, you will need to think about who will be listening.

I have never decided whether it is easier to talk to a group of strangers or a group of those you know. I do know I feel significantly more comfortable with a large group – the larger the better. I am much more nervous and feel more intimidated by a small group (less than twenty).

Regardless of the size of the audience, however, you need to answer three questions to get yourself started:
1. Why are THEY there?
2. Why are YOU there?
3. Why are YOU going to speak to THEM?

You must present your information in a way that others can assimilate, discuss and accept as information.

You need to think about who will be hearing it and how best to have them think about the information you want to impart.

If you want them to take action, you will have to tell them what action you want them to take. They should be satisfied that in preparing your speech, you have thought about the reasons why they would take this action and you have presented these reasons in your speech.

In most situations, the audience is on your side. The want you to succeed – many of them would never consider talking in public so they already admire the fact that you are.

When you have to impart unpleasant or controversial information, bring that information to the attention of the audience in an independent way, unless it is appropriate for you to take a personal and business responsibility for the information.

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The Value of Knowing Your Audience | Talking in Public - November 13, 2015

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