How You Can Go From Embarassed To Enthusiastic With Your Next Business Presentation

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You don't want to lose your executive presence when you speak in public but there never seems to be the time to give priority to improving your mediocre skills.

I know how you feel.

I used to postpone any thoughts of spending time on improving my skills because there were so many other "more important" issues to manage. And I had always been able to get my message across satisfactorily with a bit of preparation.

And then I had a series of disastrous presentations.....

  • lost notes, 
  • equipment that didn't work, 
  • too much to say in the time allocated, 
  • "boring" information to impart, 
  • disinterested audiences

                                                know what I mean.

Suddenly it was imperative that I develop a system for preparing and presenting speeches that would reflect positively on my leadership and management skills, regardless of the topic. I didn't have time for months of lessons or meetings, I didn't have time to read books, I needed more than just speech templates.

So I reviewed what had worked for me in the past and put it into a format that I have now used over the past 30+ years to coach many, many executives to be more confident and effective presenters.

Its not selling from the platform, its not death by PowerPoint, its not learning quick fix techniques.

What I do is an intense coaching "clinic", one to one, over 3 hours so you can be prepared and confident for your next presentation.

The session (or sessions if you need to schedule 3 x 1 hour sessions rather than a 3 hour block) will focus completely on your next presentation. No time wasted on theory or training examples. We work together to get you and your skills as polished and professional as they should be to reflect your management and leadership status.

Isn't that the bottom line? You need to be an accomplished public speaker so your standing as an industry leader is maintained. Its a skill that can be with you whatever your position is, a skill that business leaders like you need so you can inspire, agitate and drive our economic wellbeing.

Across the internet there are any number of products to help people in business promote their organisations and businesses by speaking well in public - whether that means a team meeting, a boardroom presentation or a conference for thousands. What I offer is very specific.

You need to

  • be committed to developing your presentation skills
  • want to be better at presenting your business information
  • want to share your expertise with your clients and business peers
  • want the opportunity to have your business leadership skills recognised.

    Regardless of your particular reason, you can achieve the outcome you desire. All it needs is the right approach and your commitment.

    What have you got to lose? How else could you invest 3 hours to help make your next presentation the best one you have ever made?

If this sounds like you, here's what you do next. Simply fill out the form below. It has a few questions about your current presentations and speech activities and what you are looking to improve or eliminate. I'll do some planning for you and then we'll set up a convenient time to go over it together to plan your fast track coaching sessions.

“Just keep in mind," Liaro said, "they're not going to remember the words. They'll remember how you made them feel. Make them feel something.”
― Kameron Hurley, The Mirror Empire

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