Favorite Public Speakers – Talking in Public

Favorite Public Speakers


Today we are going to consider the benefits of using a favorite speaker as a role model.

Already you have thought about your audience and learning from other public speakers – both good and bad, as well as the importance of writing your speech, its preparation and practice.

Before you finish these summary posts you will also have had the opportunity to think about developing your style and recognising your nerves.

Voice is still the first characteristic to impress me when I listen to public speakers. It follows, therefore, that my favorite speakers are those with voices I enjoy hearing.

Do you know what your voice sounds like? The simplest way to find out is to leave a telephone message and then replay it.

There’s no point blaming the machine – that is what you sound like to others! Its a bit like passport and drivers licence photos……. I have yet to observe anyone hearing their recorded voice saying “I sound great!”

Perhaps your favorite speakers seem to always be at ease when they are talking in public. Take the time to observe and analyse why this might be.

It doesn’t matter what the characteristic is that you enjoy, learn from the style and analyse why it is you enjoy it or see it as effective. You may well have different favorites for different occasions.

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