How To Charge Presentation Fees – Talking in Public

How To Charge Presentation Fees

I have been asked how to determine fees or charges for presentations.

It’s an interesting question and one you should have determined how to answer well before an organiser asks.

I can share with you how I do it.

For not for profit organisations I will charge a token fee. I have found that these organisations prefer to pay something so they feel they are acknowledging your time and expertise in some way. It makes them feel as though they are not going to get the abridged version of the information they have requested in the presentation.

For event organisers I will look at the charge to attend the event and use a sliding percentage scale based on my base fees, their charges, number of attendees and type of presentation (lecture, workshop, panel discussion).

For organisations these days I only offer one to one or small group mentoring. Speaking to a large gathering (100+) about public speaking is not a message I want to impart.

That’s my personal choice, you may feel differently.

Always check on travel and accommodation inclusions, meals (particularly if you have dietary requirements) and incidentals such as your handout materials.

Don’t sell yourself short but always consider the commercial standing and viability of the person or group asking you to speak. In some instances, free entry for others to an event is as useful as being paid and it does mean you have an opportunity to showcase your skills!