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Learning about Public Speaking

microphoneToday we are going to look at Learning from Others…..
When you observe other speakers you learn about styles and methods.

At first, armed with all your newly acquired information about public speaking, you will find fault with every speaker in some way. It may be physical movements that are distracting, repetitive phrases or the words used within the talk itself.

Just for fun one evening, award your own “Best on the Night” prize for the person on television or radio who presents their information in a way that pleases you most (ignoring the topic). Then list your reasons. What we’re looking for are the characteristics that you can adopt with ease for your style of talking in public.

Another useful exercise is to observe the different way you already present information to different groups of people you know.

Do you relate a story about your weekend activities the same way to your friends, work associates and family? Probably not – you already unconsciously acknowledge they are a different audience from each other and adjust your presentation accordingly.

So you already understand the importance of knowing your audience and adjusting your presentation to suit it. Now you can observe how others treat their audiences and use elements of their styles.

Observe and record speakers you enjoy and those you don’t. Compare the characteristics of the presentations to see if there are any features you are comfortable using (or could be with practice).

Learning about public speaking shouldn’t end with you making a speech. It is a valuable skill to keep working on as you move through the business world.

Why Should You Learn From Others? | Talking in Public - November 20, 2015

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