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Making A Video Instead Of A Speech Or Presentation

How often do you look to YouTube to find a video “how to”?

How often are video presentations part of a larger corporate event?

Do you need to prepare a “speech” for a video presentation?

This is a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant for those I advise on developing their public speaking skills.

As you might expect, my answer is going to be yes, you do need to write down your presentation before you go to video.

That might seem as obvious to you as it does to me. However, there is a body of opinion that suggests when you do a video it is easier to just talk and be yourself because you dont have a sea of faces in front of you, therefore you don’t need to work from a prepared speech or presentation. I don’t agree.

Panel discussion

Any time you are going to represent your organisation, you need to prepare. This might only be dot points or it might be a full script of what you plan to say.

Have a look at some of the videos I have done. I am sure I could present to a camera on any of these topics without referring to my notes BUT the reason I have the notes and prepare what I plan to present is exactly so I can do it to the best of my ability. It ensures I have thought about what to include, the logical sequence of introducing topics or ideas and what action I think should be encouraged at the end of the video presentation time.

Perhaps you have seen videos where the presenter wanders from the topic or seems to lose enthusiasm during the presentation. Don’t fall into the trap of being mediocre because you didn’t prepare before you faced the camera.

You’ll make sure all the recording equipment is working wont you?

In the same way, make sure you are ready for that recording equipment by preparing what you want to say and how you are going to say it. It also helps keep the presentation accurate in the event you need to do a few “takes” to get it right for the camera.

Once again, the key is in preparation.

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