One Speech – Next Week! – Talking in Public

One Speech – Next Week!

Do you have to make a speech next week?
Have you avoided thinking about it until now?
Are you panicking yet?

There's good news. You are not alone.

And there's even better news. I can help you to be ready.

It's not going to take 12 months of meetings or 6 months of weekly sessions. Its not even going to take 8 hours - well not 8 hours of my time!

You will still need to prepare and practice


I can give you an intensive "boot camp" session of 90 minutes, working with you one to one, to get the basics in place so you can deliver your speech with confidence.

Even if you have never made a speech in public before.

Even if you hate public speaking.

Even if you get so nervous you lose your voice.

It's what I do. It's what I've been doing for over 35 years. For people in all walks of life, for all kinds of public speaking situations.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are. With technology at our fingertips (literally) I can schedule a session at a time to suit you so we can talk face to face.

Why Can I Help?

I wasn't always good at public speaking. My first attempt was a nightmare. I wrote the speech, I memorised it, I practised it. Then
when it was time for me to present the speech, I walked on to the stage, put my notes on the lectern, looked out at the audience...... and promptly forgot absolutely everything except the first sentence.

I had to read the rest of the speech, sentence by sentence, thinking it would never end, I would never be able to get off that stage and
retreat to a nice safe place (like my office!!).

The lesson I learned that day was that being prepared was vitally important. If I had trusted to my memory (which had never failed me before) I would have been not just embarrassed, but a failure in my eyes, at my first public speaking engagement.

Being prepared covers a lot. Its about knowing how long you are expected to speak, knowing who will be in the audience, knowing why you are speaking to them and knowing why they are there. The who and whys help you to be prepared for the situation, they give you a basis for your speech and offer a way to focus on the message rather than how you feel.

What Can You Do To Be Ready For Your Speech?
I'll presume that if you have read this far you have a speech you need to present soon. Let's take a few moments to think about those
preparation ideas as they relate to your upcoming speech.

1. How long are you expected to speak? If this hasn’t been made clear to you, ask. Most organisers will give you a time frame but some will expect you to tell them how long you need for a presentation so make sure you have already decided how long you believe you should speak. This is important, too, when you are at the stage of writing your speech.

2. Who will be in the audience? You need to think about who will be listening and how best to have them think about the information you want to impart. You also need to consider the level of knowledge of your audience. Your audience is the reason you want to make a success of your presentation so you must ensure that your style, your vocabulary and your message match the audience so they have the maximum opportunity to understand you.

Need to know a bit more before you decide to get my help? Here's an introductory video on my 7 step approach that has worked successfully for many people just like you.

It's not just for business presentations - I use this as the basis for all my coaching regardless of the level of your public speaking skills when we start working together.

Think You Need More Than 90 Minutes?

You'll be surprised at how quickly you can incorporate my experience into your speech preparation.

What do I cover in the "boot camp" 90 minute session?

- Creating A Great First Impression
- How To Prepare and Practice What You Are Going To Say
- Writing Your Talk, Speech or Presentation
- Your Voice: How To Love It And Use It Wisely

And, of course, we will talk about nerves. But I wont dwell on them because when you really focus on the message and not how you feel, the effect of nerves will be far less obvious to you (and probably not even noticeable to your audience).

Sound unbelievable? Here's a comment from a business leader just like you.

I highly recommend this. Kim helped me to improve my public speaking and presentation skills. Not only on how to become an informative and confident speaker but how to engage the audience and enjoy the act of presentation. Thank you Kim.

We have all been in the audience for both good and mediocre speeches and presentations. Often we are so focused on seeing and/or
hearing the information that we fail to recognise what we like about how a particular presenter performs.

Perhaps we just feel that we are more comfortable listening to a particular presenter. Why is that? Because their presentation style
provides us with all the information we need and this information is relayed to us in a way we can comprehend. Whilst I cant develop your personal style in 90 minutes, I can give you a great start. And you will have the basic skills for the speech you have to give.

If this is the one and only time you plan to make a speech, why not make it as good as you possibly can? Isn't the occasion worth that effort? Don't you want to look and sound good?

More than 35 years of my experience distilled for you and your speech into a 90 minute one to one session. Less time than a movie, a bit more than a workout at the gym (well, my workouts anyway!).

You don't have to leave the safe environment of your office or home. We can do it using the wonderful technology at our fingertips. It doesn't matter where in the world you are (or where I am) we can make it happen.

What have you got to lose? It's as simple as  contacting me using the form below (keeps the spammers away from our emails) so we can work out a time and date that suits you. 

Let's make this happen!


P.S. A word of warning - I can't help everyone. There is only one of me. Your investment for this "Boot Camp" session will be $697.

P.P.S. If you are not yet ready to take on the one to one boot camp coaching I offer, I suggest you look at the video I mentioned earlier so you can be well and truly ready for that speech of yours.