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Power Words = Powerful Presentation

Do Power Words Make A Speech Powerful?

There is no blanket solution, no definitive list – your words need to fit your presentation, the audience, the action you want them to take/reaction you want them to have; the reason YOU are making the speech.


The words you choose must be ones that elicit an emotional reaction. It doesn’t just have to be from the power words but will most likely be the result of a well written speech that develops the opportunity for emotional engagement and reaction.

Let’s look at a few examples in some areas that might be a part of the emotional path you want to take your listeners along….

Positivity – Audacious, Awesome, Belief, Bravery, Courage, Daring, Legend, Prevail, Remarkable, Spirit, Thrive, Tough

Fear – Backlash, Blinded, Blunder, Collapse, Cripple, Deceiving, Frantic, Gullible, Hack, Insidious,
Looming, Pitfall

Greed / Desires – Bonanza, Discount, Feast, Hypnotic, Intense, Lonely, Money, Passionate, Spellbinding, Soaring, Wealth, Untamed

Scarcity – Back door, Banned, Controversial, Exotic, Forbidden, Insider, Private, Restricted, Sealed,
Secret, Smuggled, Withheld


I’m sure you had a reaction to these individual words and can see how they have the potential to create a similar reaction in your speech or presentation.

Listen to a speech today and count the power words. Read an old speech, something famous, and see the way the power words are used throughout to take you on a journey to the conclusion or action the speaker wants you to take.


What you need to do is recognise the power words that will enhance your particular presentation and incorporate them judiciously in your presentation so they have the maximum effect for you.


In the next post, I am going to write specifically about persuasive words – it’s a request I often get when working with senior executives and their speech writers.


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