Are You Frustrated By Too Many Choices Of Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

There is a wealth of information out there about public speaking in general - from courses to coaches. It can be overwhelming to try and find a particular topic that you know would help you with your own public speaking and presentation skills. That's why I've used my years of experience to put together some quick tips and techniques on a variety of individual issues.

Choose a specific topic from my Public Speaking Tips here. I have grouped them in levels of expertise and regularly update the content. Or use the full list at the bottom of this page to find the "tip" you need for your situation.

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The Basics

Intermediate Skills

Advanced Skills

A Farewell or Retirement SpeechMaking A Thank You SpeechCongratulations Speech
What Should I Say To Present An Award?Developing Your Audio LogoMaking A Video Instead Of A Speech Or Presentation
Managing Interruptions to Your PresentationLearning Your Speech By HeartUseful Feedback On Your Presentation or Speech
Instructional Presentations for WorkHow To Charge Presentation FeesCo-Presenting With Someone You Do Not Respect
Co-Presenting With An IdolCo-presenting With Someone You Don’t KnowMaking Your First BIG Presentation
Giving A Bad News SpeechMaking The Same Presentation Over and Over – How Not to Get Bored or Boring!Talking To An Audience You Know
Managing Your Public Speaking ExpectationsFacial Expressions and How They Impact Your PresentationPublic Speaking – Strengths and Weaknesses
Using Video Analysis For Personal Feedback On Your PresentationsGreat Speeches To Learn FromExercising Your Voice – Part 2
Exercising Your Voice Part 1Thinking About The Audience….AgainWhat Is Your Personal Presentation Style? How Do You Get It?
Speaking A Simple MessageHow To Stop Saying Umm In A SpeechWriting a Welcome Speech
Should I Have My Own Microphone?Speaking WellLet’s Compare Written Information to Spoken Information
Podcasting – Is It Public Speaking?How To Be A Part Of A Panel Presentation or DiscussionThinking On Your Feet – Questions Without Notice!
Key Words and Phrases For Any PresentationFormal or Informal Presentation?Using A Speech Template To Best Effect For Your Speech
How To Make Your Own Speech Template For Any OccasionI Don’t Need To Practise My PresentationShould I Be Persuasive In My Presentation?
Power Words = Powerful PresentationCreating A Great First ImpressionUsing Your Audience To Help Your Presentation
Public Speaking NervesDeveloping Your Own Presentation StyleWhy You Should Find A Favourite Speaker
Why Should You Learn From Others?The Value of Knowing Your AudienceWriting Your Speech – A Simple But Proven Method
Preparation and PracticeUsing the Microphone – Part 5 – PracticeUsing the Microphone – Part 4 – Moving Around
Using the Microphone – Part 3 – Other NoisesUsing the Microphone – Part 2 – Judging the VolumeUsing a Microphone – Part 1
How to Finish a SpeechMaking a Speech InterestingMaster of Ceremonies – Weddings
How to Start Your SpeechUsing the Right Words in Your SpeechUsing Music as a Background for your Speech
Choosing the Right ClothesWhat To Do With Your HandsBreathing for Better Public Speaking
Is Anyone Listening to your Speech?Public Speaking – NervesDeveloping Your Style for Public Speaking
Favorite Public SpeakersLearning about Public SpeakingWho Is Your Audience?
How to Write a Great SpeechPreparing a SpeechAfter Dinner Speeches

“Just keep in mind," Liaro said, "they're not going to remember the words. They'll remember how you made them feel. Make them feel something.”
― Kameron Hurley, The Mirror Empire

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