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Using the Microphone – Part 2 – Judging the Volume

Naturally the best way to judge the microphone volume is to do some tests. Remember my advice from the previous post about using unique testing phrases.

If it’s not possible to do some testing before your speech, listen carefully when you are introduced. Look at the audience and watch their body language – are they leaning slightly forward or to one side? You may be behind the speakers or amplifiers so not be able to hear the sound the way the audience is hearing it.

When the audience appear to be straining to hear, you will need to project your voice more into the microphone. If, on the other hand, they appear to be shrinking from the volume, you should adjust how far away you stand from the microphone to lessen its voice magnification, then speak at your usual conversation volume.


In the next post I will talk about all the other noises a microphone can pick up whilst you are speaking.