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Should I Have My Own Microphone?

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The simple answer is yes.

It means you will always be prepared. It also means you can practise whenever you need to!!

This, of course, supposes that you are going to do presentations or speeches on a regular basis.

Even if you are not planning to do too many presentations, being comfortable with a microphone before you start your presentation is a way of lessening your nerves – its one more thing you have prepared before the actual presentation.

Let us assume you have decided to invest in a microphone. The next decision will be what type.

In previous posts I have talked about the different kinds of microphones currently available. You can read about them by clicking here.

A word of warning – don’t be confused by the wealth of experts out there who want to sell you a professional package that includes amps, speakers, microphones etc. Think very clearly about the type of venue and presentation for which you will need a microphone.

Start by being clear about when you might need a microphone and the venues at which you will need it. Investigate any existing systems at these venues so your choice of microphone works with the existing system.

Decide which style of microphone you will be comforatble working with, given the type of presentation you do. Try a few out for comfort and adjustable sizing (where appropriate)

When you have selected and purchased your choice, practice with it so you are comfortable about how it works. Don’t assume anyone at the venue will know how to work the existing equipment in conjunction with what you have. Things like correct conectors for different sizes of input jacks, power packs, batteries all need to be addressed before your presentation.

For myself, I have two different microphones. One is a studio quality desk stand version that plugs into both Mac and PC computers for when I am recording for video / podcasts directly to the computers.

The other is my “portable system”. It is actually designed for fitness instructors running classes so has a belt mounted amplifier and wired headset microphone. I prefer a lavalier (or lapel) microphone but for much of my presentation work these days (floral designs) I need to move my arms around and the lavalier picks up too much of the “movement” noise. This is a very lightweight option for a complete unit – some of the other “portable” systems come in heavier than flight carry-on baggage!!

The bottom line – Yes, you should have your own microphone. Selecting the type will rest with your investigation of its use and compatibility with any existing systems you might use.

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