Writing a Welcome Speech – Talking in Public

Writing a Welcome Speech

For many years I had a website that provided speech templates for those looking to prepare a speech quickly. These were ready-made for particular occasions – all you needed to do was fill in the blanks as they related to your occasion.

The most popular of these speech templates was the ‘Welcome Speech”. If you have heard me interviewed you will know that this type of speech was my first foray into public speaking at the age of 13…….50 years later I’m still doing it!!

Welcome Speech

What do you need to do with a welcome speech? This is thinking about the occasion. You can’t answer this question adequately without also thinking about your audience (who will be listening), why they are there (is it a mandatory attendance event like a school year beginning or is it a voluntary attendance event such as opening a convention or something else entirely?) When you have sorted out these points you now need to think about why YOU are doing the welcome speech.

All this before you even start to write the speech or presentation.

Why is this important?

  1. It gives you a focus (the audience) for writing your presentation/speech
  2. It helps you decide which information needs to be included in your presentation/speech
  3. It reminds you why it should be you that gives the Welcome Speech (even if you think someone else could do it better, there will be a reason why it is you that is doing it).

The best help I can give you now is to let you watch the template video and see if it works for you. It contains not just the template itself but some more details on how to write a presentation for this occasion if you decide that is what you need to do.

I trust you will find it useful either way.